Webinars: Climate Conversations

Challenges for the Colorado River Basin

This webinar explores the physical geography, human impact, history, and management of the Colorado River Basin. The effects of climate change are also discussed, specifically regarding drought, agriculture water demand and what can be done to address future water needs.

Featured Speakers

  • Doug Kenney

    Doug Kenney, Ph.D.
    Director of the Western Water Policy Program at University of Colorado Law School
    Dr. Doug Kenney is a Senior Research Associate at Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment. He also serves as Director of the GWC Western Water Policy Program. He researches and writes extensively on several water-related issues, including law and policy reform, river basin and watershed-level planning, the design of institutional arrangements, water resource economics, and alternative strategies for solving complex resource issues. Dr. Kenney has served as a consultant to several Interior Department agencies, the EPA, the US Forest Service, national governments and NGOs in Asia and Africa.

  • Jeff Lukas

    Jeff Lukas
    Senior Research Associate, Western Water Assessment - CIRES, University of Colorado
    Jeff Lukas is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Colorado - Boulder Western Water Policy Program. Jeff's research centers on the use of multi-century tree-ring records to assess past climatic and hydrologic variability in Colorado and the interior West. He has worked with resource managers at the local, state, and federal levels to develop tree-ring reconstructions of streamflow and drought and use them in modeling and planning. He helps resource managers to more effectively incorporate climate information at all time scales-paleoclimate, instrumental records, forecasts, and climate projections-into their planning and operations.


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The material presented in this webinar is also available as a MOOC (massive open online course.)  Visit Climate Science Connections: Water in the West to find out more.

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The Climate Conservations webinar series was co-funded by Learn More About Climate, a program of the University of Colorado Boulder Office for University Outreach, and by the NASA-funded Inspiring Climate Education Excellence (ICEE) project.

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