LMAC Initiatives

Innovative programs that translate climate science and research into practical tools and accessible information.

Through partnerships with departments and institutes from across campus, CU Boulder's Office for University Outreach supports numerous efforts that make the research and teaching of the University even more meaningful and relevant to teachers, students and communities.

One of the office's primary goals has been to develop a collaborative means of connecting the vast climate science resources of CU Boulder to the citizenry of Colorado. The Learn More About Climate (LMAC) Initiative is the product of that endeavor.

LMAC supports innovative programs that translate climate science and research into actionable tools and information and shares this knowledge with citizens, policymakers, and students of all ages. Here are some of the initiatives we're working on:

  • Webinar series: Climate Change Conversations In this series of video webinars, CU Boulder, USGS, and CIRES scientists discuss specific topics related to climate change. These free, streaming events are open to everyone. Teachers may qualify for continuing education credit by watching the webinars and completing assignments. Check out the links below to watch the video replay or view the slidedecks. Two more webinars are planned for Spring 2014. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when they are scheduled. 1. Water in the West: The Colorado River Basin
    Watch the video replay · View the slides
    2. Water in the West: Too Little or Too Much - Drought, Fire, and Flood in Colorado
    Watch the video replay · View the slides
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    Watch and interact with scientists in our live webinars
  • Antarctica: In the field with a research scientist Ever wonder what it's like to work at the South Pole? CU Boulder scientists conduct research in many locations across the globe. Their findings inform scientific conclusions and affect climate policy around the world. LMAC provides scientist visits to communities and schools to build understanding about the ways climate science is conducted. Plus it's pretty cool to find out how to live and work in sub-zero temperatures! Connecting with scientists and researchers about their experiences in extreme environments is a great way to get students interested in scientific inquiry. Contact us to schedule a scientist visit to your classroom or community.
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    Graduate student Alexandra Mass keeps classrooms updated on her scientific research, as well as daily life while stationed in Antarctica
  • Students get creative for video contest What better way to get students interested in climate science than to make their own climate change videos! During the 2013-2014 school year the students of St. Vrain Valley School District will participate in a video contest as a fun and creative way to increase their knowledge of climate science. They will interview CIRES and CU Boulder researchers and work with graduate students mentors.
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    Students in St. Vrain will make their own climate change videos.