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Model Lessons

Each lesson has been taught and tested in the classroom and can be scaled to fit your learners (5th-8th and 9th-12th).

These problem-based model lessons were developed by teams of Colorado middle and high school teachers with CU-Boulder scientists and science educators at the "Making the Global Local" teacher workshop. Lesson topics are based on local content from the Learn More About Climate videos.

  • Evidence of Climate Change Evidence of Climate Change: How would we know if Colorado's climate is changing and how will it affect me? (Middle School Science) View Lesson
  • Mountain Pine Beetles Mountain Pine Beetles: What is changing our forests? (9th-12th grade science, adaptable to middle school) View Lesson
  • Zoo Poo Zoo Poo: Does burning zoo poop reduce CO2? (Grades 10th-12th) View Lesson
  • What Makes You Hot? What Makes You Hot?: Students will be able to manipulate different variables in the model and use this to make inferences about the temperature of the Earth. View Lesson
Colorado Science Standards
for Climate and Energy