The People Behind the Science: CU Researchers Featured on More Than Scientists

MTSMore Than Scientists is a series of films that highlights the personal lives, concerns, and motivations of climate scientists. Several of CU Boulder’s climate scientists including Jim White, Ted Scambos, Phil Taylor, Mike MacFerrin, Bill Bowman, Tyler Jones and Eve Hinckley are featured on the More Than Scientists website. These videos were filmed and edited by CU undergraduate and graduate students who are part of the Inside The Greenhouse project.

Jim White reflects on the world he’s leaving his grandchildren and how climate change is about ethics and morals:

A first hand report as Mike shows us extraordinary ice melt in Greenland. What will be the effects of the changing climate and what gives him hope?:

Watch as Eve tells us about how the Earth’s life support systems are affected by human development and what individuals can do to combat climate change.

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