Impacts of Palm Oil Production on Climate – 5 Questions for Phil Taylor

Philip Taylor is a CU Boulder postdoctoral scholar whose research ranges from nutrient cycling in tropical rainforests to addressing sustainability challenges of industrial agriculture. He is the lead author of a 2014 publication on the potential for creating energy from methane emissions from wastewater produced by palm oil production plants.. Methane is a powerful heat trapping gas, thirty four times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide over 100 years. Phil is featured in the latest Learn More About Climate video, “Impacts of Palm Oil Production on Climate Change: Realities … [Read more...]

Shining light on sustainability at the holidays — and beyond

“Doing what you can with what you have” may not be a common holiday theme, but it is something that staff and volunteers at the Environmental Center at CU-Boulder especially promote during this time of year when commercialism runs rampant. Those colorful lights you string up in trees and around your house need lots of energy to produce that holiday glow – more than 2.2 million MWh of electricity, or enough to provide energy to more than 173,000 homes for one year. Americans produce 25 percent more trash this time of the year, notes the center, and much of that comes from wrapping paper … [Read more...]