New video: Water-Energy Nexus & the Effects of Climate Change

Learn More About Climate is pleased to announce the newest in our series of videos featuring climate and natural resource experts from University of Colorado, Boulder. In "The Water-Energy Nexus and Effects of Climate Change," Western Water Assessment Director Kristen Averyt explores the "collision" of water supply vs. energy demands.

The production of electricity consumes surprising amounts of water. Much of our water supply is "on call" for future use. How can we reduce our impact on water supply be changing our energy consumption?

Averyt answers, "The most active thing that one can do is to think of all of our natural resources as a portfolio together. Think about that when you turn off the lights when you leave your house. You’re not just saving energy, you’re not just saving electricity, you are saving a tremendous amount of water."

Watch this new six-minute video to learn more about the demand for energy, the availability of water, and what the changes in climate mean for meeting our future energy needs.

About Kristen Averyt, Ph.D.
Kristen Averyt is Director of Western Water Assessment and Associate Director for Science at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES). Her current research portfolio encompasses a broad suite of climate issues relevant to decision making. Kristen’s major projects include assessing the intersection of renewable energy technologies, water availability, and climate change in the West; evaluating decision-making in the context of climate adaptation; and defining processes for engaging users in the development of climate services.

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