About LMAC

for Teachers, Policymakers, and Citizens.

Project Overview

Climate change is one of the most serious issues facing contemporary society and is rapidly taking center stage as a global concern.  Nations are joining together to adopt strategies and policies to address warming trends and industry is beginning to acknowledge the scientific evidence that links human activity to climate change.  Ultimately, however, every citizen in every community has a role to play in addressing the impacts of climate change.

CU-Boulder is a global leader in energy and climate change research and environmental stewardship and is, thus, uniquely positioned to provide leadership in addressing this issue at the local level.  By sharing the knowledge and understanding of its faculty and researchers with the residents of Colorado, the university hopes to build an informed citizenry that creatively works toward viable energy use practices in our homes, schools, businesses and communities.  

An initiative of CU-Boulder's Office for University Outreach in the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies, LearnMoreAboutClimate.colorado.edu seeks to:

  • extend the university's vast scientific expertise to raise awareness about climate change,
  • inspire an informed dialogue about climate change among Coloradans, and
  • encourage Coloradans to make lifestyle changes that contribute to the health of our state and planet.