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Learn More About Climate has truly been a labor of love for those involved in its development. Everyone who worked to make this project a reality brought not only their expertise and passion for the work they do, but also a love for Colorado and a commitment to protecting it.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the many professionals, organizations and citizens who contributed their time, talent and expertise to this extraordinary collaboration. We are especially grateful to Dean Anne Heinz and her staff at CU-Boulder's Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies for their leadership and support of this project.

Videos Produced by:
Landlocked Films, LLC with Sovereign Pictures

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Wynn Martens, Jill Conley, Linda Molner Kelley, and Sophia Roudané

Beret E. Strong, John Tweedy and Don Downey

Don Downey, Beret E. Strong, Ryan Vachon and John Tweedy

John Tweedy and Don Downey

Landlocked Films, LLC.

Jill Conley, Wynn Martens, John Tweedy, and Don Downey

Tamara Meneghini-Stalker


"Bring Down the Storm," composed and performed by Jerry Barlow

"March of the King of Laoise," traditional, performed by Jerry Barlow

"Here and Gone," composed and performed by Jerry Barlow

Additional Footage Courtesy of:
One Premise Innovative Communications
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Steamboat Mountain Resort
Chris Ray
The National Snow and Ice Data Center
The Ilisaqsivik Society, Clyde River, Nunavut, Canada

Population Connection

Treves Studios

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The Wray Historical Society
The National Snow and Ice Data Center

The Denver Public Library

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Donna Gartenmann
Jeffry Mitton

Bruce Quackenbush

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